How Do You Pay For College 

How do you pay for college?

College Planning unique for your student, your family situation

If you have a high school Junior or Senior headed for college, you need help!

You need to do some College Planning. You are going to have to master college selection, figure out how financial aid will help, find scholarships, and then come up with the rest of the money to enable your student to go off to college. Not just for one year, but for four or even five years. This is not a one-year effort – it's a four or five year campaign! So how are you going to be able to do all this in your limited spare time?

The good news is figuring out how do you pay for college is not hard provided you have the right guidance. The key is to go beyond the superficial explanations carried on every blog or delivered in a two minute video. You need real content to use in your own college planning. Content that applies to your specific family situation.

The College Money Course
is a uniquely detailed course in college planning, using a multimedia format that includes live online coaching. It delivers the 'ins and outs' of how do you pay for college in a format that's easy to understand and encourages action.

College Planning is a necessity, not a luxury. Save time, money and worry by following an organized course in college planning.

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