How Do You Pay For College 

How do you pay for college?

College Planning unique for your student, your family situation

If you have a high school Junior or Senior headed for college, you need help!

You need to do some College Planning. You are going to have to master college selection, figure out how financial aid will help, find scholarships, and then come up with the rest of the money to enable your student to go off to college. Not just for one year, but for four or even five years. This is not a one-year effort – it's a four or five year campaign! So how are you going to be able to do all this in your limited spare time?

The good news is figuring out how do you pay for college is not hard provided you have the right guidance. The key is to go beyond the superficial explanations carried on every blog or delivered in a two minute video. You need real content to use in your own college planning. Content that applies to your specific family situation.

The College Money Course
is a uniquely detailed course in college planning, using a multimedia format that includes live online coaching. It delivers the 'ins and outs' of how do you pay for college in a format that's easy to understand and encourages action.

College Planning is a necessity, not a luxury. Save time, money and worry by following an organized course in college planning.

Get the best college education for your money!

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Press Release Date: 8-21-12

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College Money Course Helps Families Answer "How Do You Pay For College?"

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Online home study course guides families of high school Juniors and Seniors through the complex process of planning for college. The College Money Course uses an effective combination of video instruction, downloaded materials and live coaching calls to help families achieve affordable college solutions. Spread over the year before college, parents concentrate on seven key steps in the process to select colleges, apply for financial aid, and use their savings, income and loans in a way that protects their overall financial health.

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As getting into quality colleges becomes ever more competitive and expensive, families are asking "How do you pay for college?" They badly need help with the complex admissions and financial aid process. Yet only a minority of parents can afford the expense of a professional college planner, leaving many reliant on the high school, books or other parents. It takes considerable skill to turn piecemeal information into a strategic plan that meets the unique needs of the individual family. The sad truth is the lack of a comprehensive, coordinated, and inexpensive source of help means most families fail to do any planning at all on how to pay for college.

In good news for families of high school students, announces a new concept in college planning – an online home study course that mixes video presentations, live coaching webinars and an online community to provide an effective method for families of high school Juniors and Seniors to be successful in their planning for how to pay for college.

The College Money Course focuses on seven key points in the college application process during the year before college. These are the times at which parents need to pay attention to how the cost of college is being managed. Addressing each step as it comes up makes it possible for overwhelmed parents and their student to focus and find the time to take action. The video guides, downloaded worksheets and weekly live webinars enable families to quickly master the material, stay on track and avoid costly mistakes.

The key steps are (1) Setting the Strategy, (2) Maximizing Financial Aid, (3) Selecting Affordable Colleges, (4) Applying for Aid, (5) Evaluating Offers, (6) Planning Cash Flow, and (7) Taking Education Loans.

By having a greater understanding of the overall process and knowing how to 'do it themselves', parents feel more in control. They are able to adjust their planning when adding new colleges to the list, evaluating aid awards, or considering how to best use their resources. Plus, they can interact with CollegeMoneyCoach David Beck and other parents to get questions answered and problems resolved. All this comes at a fraction of the cost of a typical 'college plan'.

Videos on the 'How Do You Pay For College' website explain what is covered in each of the key steps and provide free advice on the basics of financial aid, merit aid, and setting a college planning strategy.

"My goal is to make this training available to all families and redress the balance between the consumer and the higher education industry. Families are loosing out on aid and access by not knowing how the system works" says David Beck, CollegeMoneyCoach and author of the College Money Course.

David is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM who has specialized in college planning since 2006. He is the developer of the '7 Steps to College' program, a series of personal consultations at the seven key points in the college planning process.

At last, parents of college-bound high school students have an inexpensive way to follow a structured course and work with an expert in college planning on an 'as needed' basis.

Company Info:

About provides education and advice to parents of high school juniors and seniors using a multi-media online home study course. Course materials are based on the innovative '7 Steps to College' program offered by Bay Area Planners, a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to college planning. Please visit for further information


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